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Friday, August 22, 2014

Five on Friday

It's my favorite day of the week, Friday. Hallelujah! Let's dive into some Five on Friday. 

1-This 10 day low carb eating that I am doing is freaking awesome! And I am not being sarcastic. I really needed this to kick start my body again and it is doing an awesome job of it!

2-I have officially been challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I will be completing it tonight. And it isn't supposed to be very warm today, so it is going to be even colder. But it is all for a great cause, so I am going to suck it up and do it. 

3-I get to go see Chris Young at the State Fair tomorrow and I am pretty excited about it. I saw him open for Dierks Bentley a few weeks ago and he was amazing, so I can't wait to see him do a full show! 

4-My Zumba class got cancelled yesterday so I went hiking with my trainer at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space and it was probably the best idea ever. He had me climbing up some of the rock ledges because he thought it would be great practice for the walls for Tough Mudder and he wasn't kidding. The walls are what I am the most nervous about and climbing the rock ledges helped me work on my technique for getting over the walls. It was super helpful and I am feeling better about the walls now! 

5-Sunday I am participating in a Reebok Spartan workout in Denver and I'm pretty excited about it. I think it will be a lot of fun and it will also be another great thing to help with Tough Mudder and for next years Spartan races that I plan on doing. Gah! What has happened to me? I am fitness obsessed! But I'm okay with that. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's Weigh-In Wednesday time!

Sorry for not posting last week. I just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. I think that is probably a good thing though :)

Lets dive right in. This week has been interesting so far. After my session last Friday I spoke with my trainer about my nutrition and how I thought I needed to change it up. The scale hasn't been moving and I have been working my ass off, so I didn't know what to do anymore. So he decided it was time to go low carb again. Usually when we do this we do four days with low carb and then go back to normal. This time however we are doing 10 days of low carb eating. 10 freaking days! I am usually freaking out by day two of four because I want some damn bread. So needless to say I was super nervous about it. 

Honestly though it hasn't been that bad this time around. He also gave me a total amount of protein and fat to shoot for and by trying to pay attention to those and hit those goals, I actually am not consuming that many carbs. And as strange as this may sound, I actually feel like I am getting to eat more food throughout the day. I think it is because food that has more carbs in it, has more calories. So by eating less carbs, I have more calories throughout the day. It's weird, but I am okay with it. 

And so far the results are enough to keep me moving. I started the week out weighing in at 163. Which put me up 6 lbs from my last WIW post. This happens every now and then. I am up and then within a week I am back down. Some of it is water weight and who knows what else, but in just two days I am back down to where I was at 157 lbs. So I am hoping to see some more results over the next eight days. Here is to hoping anyways. 

My workouts have gotten more intense over the past few weeks. We are two and a half weeks out from Tough Mudder and I am trying to do everything that I can to get myself as prepared and ready as possible. I am starting to get nervous. I know that I will finish, but I am more nervous about how much I am going to struggle on some obstacles. But at the same time I keep telling myself that all I can do is try and if I fail then so be it, but at least I tried. 

Thought I would share this with you guys. I still can't believe how big I was almost a year ago. Why did I ever let myself get that way? But seeing a side by side like this makes me really proud. And also very disgusted with how I looked in the picture on the left. Ugh! But guess what, I don't look like that anymore and I am trying to remember to appreciate and celebrate that!

That's all I have for this weeks WIW! Hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Tattoo...Well Kind Of

For the longest time I have talked about getting another tattoo. I have one already and have had it since I was 18 and have always been itching to get another. 

I kept running into a few problems though. My first problem was that I couldn't decide on what I wanted to get. I wanted it to have some meaning. I didn't want it to just be anything. My second problem was having the extra money. There was always something more important that needed to be paid or something else would come up. That's life ya know. But I always took it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to get another one yet. Especially since I couldn't even decide on what I wanted. 

I realized one day that I knew what I wanted my next tattoo to represent. I wanted it to be a representation and a reminder to myself of why I decided to finally get healthy and lose all this weight. I wanted to be able to look at it and go, yep, that is why I did this and that is why I am choosing to still do this. So I decided to attach me getting a new tattoo to hitting a big milestone and goal. I decided that once I hit 50 lbs lost that I could get another tattoo. 

So that day finally came(in the beginning of May). I was really excited. Knowing that I was going to be hitting it soon, I had been searching the internet and pinterest like crazy for some ideas of what to get. Like I said, I wanted it to be something that reminded me of this journey. After looking for a while, I stumbled upon this picture and immediately knew this was the tattoo I was going to get. 

I loved the quote itself. It just seemed perfect for why I was getting it and what I wanted it to remind me of. So I took this picture to a tattoo shop downtown on Mother's Day (see why I said it is kind of new, haha) and sat down with a kick ass Artist, Mike, and told him that this is what I wanted, but that I wanted a different font. I told him where I wanted it (my wrist) and he was a little concerned that it wasn't going to fit, but he went ahead and drew it up anyways and played with the size and because it was meant to be, he was able to fit it perfectly on my wrist. 

I am still incredibly happy with how it turned out. It is simple and every time I look at it, it reminds me of why I got it in the first place and everything I have accomplished. And it makes me happy. And that is all I can ask for. 

The only problem I am having now is that I have the tattoo bug/itch. I want another one, haha! That always seems to happen though! 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's Monday. And I am already ready for this week to be over. Anyone else already in that boat? 

Let's get into my weekend recap. This weekend was busy!!! But fun! And I enjoyed every single second of it. Yeah, it was awesome!

Friday night I had a session with my trainer after work as I always do. He once again kicked my ass. It never fails. I always leave his studio feeling like I am made of jello. But it felt great. I headed home afterwards and we got started on dinner. We had decided on having breakfast for dinner because I needed to carb up for what was going on on Saturday. So I found a whole wheat pancake recipe on the Skinnytaste website and got to work on those. I added some mini chocolate chips and holy crap were these good! These pancakes turned out better than any pancakes I have ever made in my entire life. And the best part was that we froze the leftovers. And I ate the rest of them over the course of the weekend. You can find that recipe here. I also had some oatmeal and some eggs. But I'm sure you really don't care about that. 

After we had dinner made, we spent the rest of our evening on the couch watching The Office. This has easily become one of my new favorite shows. We are flying through the seasons on Netflix right now. We are currently on season four right now and I swear each season just gets better. 

Saturday morning I was up at 5:30 am. I got myself some breakfast, got dressed and then headed out to go run in the mud at the Dirty Dash. Our heat was at 8 am, so I left my house around 7ish and got there around 7:30. I had plenty of time to get myself ready to go. Once I found all of my friends, we headed to the start line and waited for our heat to start. 

We had an absolute blast. And we flew through the course. Our heat ended up starting late by probably about 10 minutes and we were done before 9 am, so less than an hour for sure. I still had trouble with the walls on the course. My upper body was so sore from training the night before that I had an even harder time pulling myself up this time. Thank goodness for having someone who is stronger than you running with you, haha! 

After we were finished I went and found my SIL and her friend who were also running, but starting at a later time. They were all getting ready when I found them, so after a few pictures, I took my Nieces from my SIL and they headed up to the start line. We waited around for a while until we were able to find them at the end of the course. So we watched them finish and then we headed to the starting line with my Nieces so that they could participate in the kids version of the race or as they like to call it, The Piglet Plunge. 

This was fun but also disappointing. It was fun because we got to go through a mile of the course and some of the obstacles again and get some extra mud on us and my Nieces loved it, but I was disappointed because it wasn't very well organized. Not to mention some of the obstacle they were supposed to be able to do were already being put away when we got to them. I luckily had a couple free entries so we didn't have to pay for my Nieces to do it, but most of the people there had to pay $20 a kid. If I were them, I would be pissed. 

After we got done with the Piglet Plunge we headed to the showers to rinse off so that we could get in the car to go home. After we got most of the mud off of us, we headed home and by home I mean my SIL's house. We sat around for a good part of the afternoon and then headed to a friends house for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. The food was good and the people were fun. 

After the BBQ I headed home and immediately hopped in the shower to get the rest of the mud off of me. After I was done I got dressed in some comfy clothes and then went and grabbed some frozen yogurt from the place by our house and then came home and parked myself on the couch for the rest of the night. I was so tired and sore that I didn't want to do anything else. It was the perfect way to end a great day. 

Sunday morning I was up early again because we had family pictures scheduled for 10 am. So I got up and got some breakfast and then woke up the Husband and we started getting ready. We met the rest of the family for pictures and were finally able to get those done after being rained out twice. I can't wait to see how they turned out. 

After pictures we ran a few errands, grabbed some lunch, and then headed home. We watched the Broncos destroy the 49ers! I know, I know, it is only preseason, but I am very much liking what I am seeing from my team so far. Can't wait for the regular season to start. After the game I did our grocery shopping and then came home. The Husband made dinner and we watched more of The Office to finish off our evening. 

It was a busy weekend, but a great one. And next weekend and this week are just as busy. So if you don't hear much from me, that is why. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's a day late, but it happens. 

Friday after work I had a session with my trainer. He absolutely killed my legs! Killed them! After I was done there, I went home and picked up the Husband and we went and grabbed some food from Garbanzo. Yum! After that I drug took the Husband to TJ Maxx with me so that I could search for a shirt for our family pictures that were on Sunday. He was bored within five minutes. And out of all the shirts I tried on for our pictures, I didn't buy a single one. I did however find a really cute long sleeve shirt for work. Not at all what I went in there for, but oh well! I also bought my first Halloween decoration for the year!! Eeeekkkk! It's going to be here before you know it!

Saturday I pulled myself out of bed at around 7:30, even though my legs were screaming at me. I got some breakfast and then headed to Sprouts to do some grocery shopping. I finished up there, dropped the groceries off at home and then headed to Zumba. Holy hell! I thought my legs were sore before, pfffff! She decided to do leg intense songs and I thought I was going to die. It was still a great workout. 

After Zumba was done I went to Old Navy to look for a shirt for our pictures once again and I FINALLY found something that I liked in the right color! It only took me three weeks. After finally being successful in my shirt hunt, I finished up the rest of our grocery shopping at King Soopers and then headed home to get ready to go to a BBQ.

After I got my side dishes ready and took a shower and got myself ready, I headed out East to my friends house. It was a great BBQ. Lots of food (I ate way too much) great conversations, and great people! It was a blast! I didn't end up leaving there until about 11 pm, so by the time I drove back into town, it was almost midnight by the time I got home. I was exhausted and my legs were really sore, so I headed straight to bed.

Sunday morning I decided that I needed to get out and go do something for a workout. I had planned on going and doing the Incline since they are closing it in a few weeks, but my legs were hurting so bad that I knew that probably wasn't the best idea. So instead I headed out to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space and hiked and ran the trails for a good two hours. It was a perfect morning for this! It was beautiful, and nice and cool.

After my hike/run I met my Brother and his family for a little bit and went school clothes shopping with them for my Nieces. I bought them each an outfit. They were excited about them. I remember being excited about back to school shopping. Yes, I was that weird kid that loved buying new school supplies and clothes for school.

After we parted our ways we all headed home to get ready for our family pictures. We were supposed to do them two weeks ago but they got cancelled due to the rain. And guess what? They got cancelled again because of the rain. I'm beginning to think that we are never going to get them done. But we have re-scheduled them again for this Sunday and we are going to try and do them in the morning before the afternoon storms roll in.

Since pictures were cancelled, the Husband and I spent the rest of our day laying on the couch watching The Office. It was rainy and gloomy and it was the perfect way to spend such a day. I may have even taken a couple hour nap. It was amazing. After my nap, I got up, made some dinner and then spent the rest of the evening doing nothing. It was a great way to end a busy weekend.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time For A Change

Do you ever just feel like it is time for a change? Whether it be in your life in general or something as simple as getting your hair cut? Yeah, I was feeling like that last week. That's why I went and chopped my hair off!

I think part of it has to do with me losing all this weight. I wanted to look different. My hair has essentially been the same for five years. And I have changed a lot in the last 10 months. And I wanted my hair to reflect that I guess. I know, it sounds crazy, but it was just time for something different. 

So I made an appointment at Ulta because I had a coupon for a free haircut. And my Aunt is moving to Texas and won't be able to do my hair anymore :( Which sucks, but I will get over it. So now I have to find someone to do my hair that won't completely screw it up. So I figured why not give it a shot. I took my pictures in of what I wanted it to look like but ultimately knew it would never actually look like and the lady started cutting away. 

Here is what it looked like a week before I went in...

And this is what it looked like afterwards...

So far I like it. I am sure in a few months I will get back to the point where I will want my long hair back. It happens every time I cut my hair short. But for now, I am liking it. I feel a bit more mature with the shorter hair. Weird, I know. But I do. 

Although the girl did a good job on it, I don't know that I will go back to her. I was very frustrated with how much she talked. It was actually quite annoying. I know that shouldn't matter, but I feel like you have to get along with the person cutting your hair and I just wasn't feeling it. Oh well. I will have to keep looking. 

Have you ever decided it was time for a change like this? What did you do?


Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello friends! It's Monday. Not that I am particularly happy about this fact, but that does mean I am closer to my next weekend. It's how I keep things in perspective :) 

This weekend was crazy!!!!!! But in a great way. Friday after work didn't start out too well. I was running late to my training session and traffic did not help. I ended up being late, but it all worked out okay. After my session I went home and started cleaning our house. It needed it. It was getting to the point that I just couldn't handle it anymore. While I cleaned the Husband made us breakfast for dinner which included some whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes! Yum!! After lots more cleaning and eating dinner, I headed to bed around 11 so that I could get some sleep. 

Saturday I was up at 6 am. I got up and got myself ready and had a good breakfast because in a few hours I was getting ready to participate in my first 5k Mud/Obstacle Course Run. My trainer met me at my house a little after 8 and we headed out. 

Our heat was at 9:15 so we got there with plenty of time to spare. We got stretched out and warmed up and then it was time for our heat to start. We had an absolute blast! The obstacles and the mud were all so much fun. You almost didn't even realize that you were running a 5k. We finished the course in about an hour. Which I thought was pretty dang good. And I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did with the obstacles. The only trouble I had on any of them was with two walls that were taller than me. But with a little boost, I was able to get over them with no problem. 

After the race. As we crossed the finish line, they threw
colored chalk at us. I looked like a freaking smurf. 

After we rinsed off at the rinse off stations, we headed out. I took a very long shower when I got home. The mud wasn't so hard to get off, it was the damn colored chalk that was a pain in the ass. I'm surprised that I didn't rub my skin raw trying to get it off. After I got out of the shower, I just laid around the house the rest of the afternoon. I was tired and just felt like being lazy. 

Around 3:30 I picked myself up off the couch and went and got ready to meet my friend for a girls night out. We met for dinner at Ghengis Grill and then headed to the Ogden Theater in Denver to see Kacey Musgraves. It was a great show. I was super impressed. She put on a hell of a show. I liked it so much that I downloaded her CD while we were sitting in the parking lot afterwards waiting for the traffic to clear. 

It was a long ride home after the show however. We got lost at one point because of a detour that had the interstate closed. But luckily we had our phones and were able to figure out where the hell we were at. But I didn't get home until around 1 am. It had been a long, but fun day. 

Sunday I actually slept in til about 9. Didn't do much with my morning. Sat around, had some breakfast, made a grocery list. At noon I met my friend KB for lunch at Cheddar's. The food was good and we had fun catching up. After having lunch I did some grocery shopping and then headed home where I proceeded to pass the eff out on the couch for three hours. It was a great nap! I apparently needed it! 

After the best nap ever, we grabbed some dinner with one of our friends and then headed back to his place to pick up something from him and then headed home. Like I said, it was a crazy weekend, but a good kind of crazy. And the next three weeks are going to be the same way! And I can't wait! I am so excited for everything that is going on the next three weeks. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it. 

Hope you had a great weekend!